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  • Get Together provides expertise within cooperate travel, meetings and events.
  • We are a full service agency helping you with everything: booking of airfare, hotels, meeting rooms and entertainment, as well as concept development, counseling and execution of your event.
  • Our team consists of 42 employees at eight offices situated in Sandefjord, Kristiansand, Arendal, Oslo, Ålesund, Trondheim, Alta and Stockholm.

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Looking for assistance with company travel, meetings or events?

Let us help you. Get Together is Norway’s first nationwide chain, specializing in group travel, meetings and events.

By Rita Tvede Bartolomei

Get Together’s mission is to create more comprehensive travel and event solutions for both private and public companies. Get Together consists of offices located in Sandefjord, Kristiansand, Arendal, Oslo, Ålesund, Trondheim, Alta and Stockholm/Sweden, with a total of 42 employees.

“We can arrange everything from a 10-person team building to bigger conferences and events for over 2000 people. Our gathered expertise on business trips, meetings and events, lets us utilize our own recourses in creating comprehensive programs for our clients, without having to involve other suppliers. Naturally this will lead to savings for our clients“, comments CEO of Get Together, Håkon Wåge-Lorentzen.

A need for both

In the Norwegian and Nordic market, there is an increasing need for agencies that have expertise in both business trips and events.

”If you intend to attract people to customer events, you have to offer more than just a dinner. There is an increasing trend for people to have `at home offices` therefore there is a greater need to meet and socialize”, says Finn Vetle Hansen.

Hansen and Wåge-Lorentzen emphasise that businesses today often spend a lot of money in well-known speakers and other experiences.

“They are eager to create lasting memories for customers and employees. Many clients would like help with planning an event that includes travel, accommodation, meetings and entertainment. Get Together has the experience and expertise in all fields that will be extra useful to our customers“, says Håkon-Wåge Lorentzen.

Everything from A to Z

Get Together gives you the best service: The best experiences, the best follow-up and the best execution.

“High professionalism is important for us. We must be good at seeing our customer’s needs. The differences in needs between a small and big client present little variety. It is rather the scale of the trips and events that varies”, says Finn Vetle Hansen.

We can assist with anything: flight bookings, hotels, meetings and entertainment, concept development, counselling, budgeting and execution.

“ We always start with a meeting with the client, establishing their needs and wishes. We go detailed into what they have done before, what difference are they seeking now, what is their goal, what destination are they seeking, urban or rural atmosphere, cultural experiences, high mountains or beachlife…. The next step taken is to suggest a few destinations, and during this process comes the most important part: we must be advisors. We will assist them in making the correct choice based on their conceptual needs. Then all planning follows in order to piece together the concept, where small details such as the choice of wine and food, along with the choice of messaging and lecturers needs to be taken care of “, says Håkon Wåge-Lorentzen.

How Get Together came together

The chain is the result of a merger between the group departments (G Travel Group & Meeting) as one of the Nordic region’s largest travel agencies; G Travel, and one of Norway’s most experienced event agencies: Fotspor Event AS.

The G Travel Group & Meeting and Fotspor Event cease to exist, and now form a new Get Together.

G Travel is one of the largest travel agencies in the Nordic region, consisting of 27 agencies in Norway, 12 agencies in Sweden and 17 agencies globally. The headquarters are located in Kristiansand and Oslo. Fotspor Event was founded in 2009 in Oslo, with offices in Oslo and Sweden.

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